Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Coming Soon!

So excited! My new novella, Lay It Down, is on the coming soon page at DSP and will be out on March 16th! I hope you all enjoy reading about Hudson as much as I enjoyed writing about him.


  1. Love looking forward to a new book. Off topic, I have noticed that most of your older titles are being made into audio books. The Servant is still one of my favorites, and I was wondering if it would be made available in audio as well.

    1. Oh yes my dear, The Servant is being recorded as we speak by none other than the super fabulous Greg Tremblay. I'm over the moon about it. I think when it's listened to, it will be more accessible. And thank you so much for liking The Servant. It's like you and 3 other people. ((hugs))

  2. Pre-ordered today. Hoping it's as good as it sounds. :)

  3. Tell me a new Marshals book is coming soon. Please!! I've already pre-ordered this one and can't wait.