Thursday, March 31, 2016

It Was a March to Be Mad About, and We Have the Books to Prove It

Cheers, friends and fellow book lovers, and welcome back to another edition of Booyah Books. We at The Novel Approach have compiled another great list of outstanding reads from the month of March, and we're so giddy to share the love with all of you.

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Now, here they are, our fave books of March!


JenniferLove Is for the Living by Nicholas Kinsley: “This book is phenomenal. I mean, honestly, I loved it so much I couldn’t put it down and at one point was shoveling popcorn into my mouth in a frenzy, along with the pace of the story, because I was just so hyped up. So to portray everything that’s right about it, I’m just going to make a list.

First, there are the characters. They’re so realistic. And by that, I don’t just mean the dialogue. I mean they are real people with real quirks and faults that make them human and not just stock characters in a romance novel. I adored Blaine and Andrew, and what makes them perfect is their imperfections. Neither one is drop dead gorgeous, which, let me tell you, was a breath of fresh air. While they find each other attractive, the descriptions are of realistic men.”

Inversion Point by Jenn Burke and Kelly Jensen: “This book is my favorite of the series. And I know I likely say that every time, but honestly, the books just keep getting better, and I cannot wait to see what these talented authors have in store for the final (NO!) book in the series, Phase Shift. This book is filled with even more character development, more heart-wrenching moments, and awesome new aliens who just immediately make you happy, as if they are also communicating with you.

This new species is fascinating, and I don’t want to give too much away, because the initial introduction to them is just fascinating. They are completely unlike the other species already at the Hub: humans, ashushk, and stin. And yet, because of the Guardians, Zed is able to communicate with them. They seem peaceful enough, so that must be good for the humans and ashushk, right? I wish I could talk more about them, but it would give away critical information, so instead I’ll talk about my love for Qek and how it continues to grow with every book.”

SammySleight of Heart by Aisling Mancy: “Anyone who is under the misconception that author Aisling Mancy does not create stories with engaging plot lines, fascinating characters who capture the imagination, and thoroughly researched ancient cultures that seem to step right out of history, obviously has not read his latest offering, Sleight of Heart. In this novel, you step into a fantasy world rich with different gifted magical creatures who instantly tug you back in time to a world where living by a strict set of standards ruled over every decision made. From gypsies to the fae, vampires to dragons, we are invited into a story that speaks of the harsh hate of bigoted minds juxtaposed with the gentle love and passion of creatures that have been mindlessly feared throughout time. What a stunning novel Sleight of Heart turned out to be.”

LisaThe Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller: “The Song of Achilles is a glorious feat of storytelling, far too magnificent in scope and with a cast of characters too vast to easily encompass it all in a review. Even if you’re only vaguely familiar with “the face that launched a thousand ships” and know only the most basic details of the Trojan war (and the roles Hector and Paris played in Achilles’ fate), there is no mistaking the legend of heroes and the bonds of love forged between Patroclus and Achilles in this novel. And, the price they both paid when war and the Fates came to collect.

For ten years I watched the gods take sides in this war and lost myself in the romantic idea that those thousand ships sailed with the intent of mounting a rescue of the most beautiful woman in the world, but then ended on little more than pretense, an excuse for men to go to battle over a woman who seemingly didn’t want to be rescued. It was to be Achilles’ own launch into eternal glory, his swan song before his own demise, this war and the death of Hector, and though Achilles and Patroclus did their best to defy fate and thwart Achilles’ destiny for a time… in the end, the gods and a man’s destiny always win.”

Dirty Heart by Rhys Ford: “Told with a skill and precision we’ve become accustomed to from this author, and in this series, one that’s part mystery and part romance, Dirty Heart gathers together all the loose threads that have become the warp and weft of the series’ tapestry, and has lain them all out for us to see in the culmination of years of weaving these characters and their lives together into a family and, finally, reveals all its beauty—in the building of these relationships through trials and triumphs, through joy and sadness, through hilarity and heartache. We’re drawn into each scene, viscerally, emotionally, imaginatively, and, I might add, quite happily. And, in the end, Dirty Heart culminates in a place we’ve all been waiting for yet dreading because The End is never easy once a colorful palette of characters become so deeply ingrained in our lexicon of favorites.”

MaryannThe Danger in Bohemia by H.E. Kollef: “The Danger in Bohemia is a first time reading author H.E. Kollef for me, and the book was excellent. Ms. Kollef created an absolutely suspenseful, dangerous, adventurous and romantic tale that takes place in Prague. In her Author Bio it’s written, “Her favorite city is Prague and she recommends it to everyone she meets, especially if she thinks they’d enjoy romance, hearty beer and snowy walks along the winding Vltava river.” The Danger in Bohemia brings all this and more. Ms. Kollef’s architectural descriptions and a tour of the many sites in Prague really show the appreciation that she has for this city, and made me take time to look up many of the mentioned places just to see that architecture.”

House Hunt by Jackie Keswick: “House Hunt is another double thriller from Jackie Keswick. It’s suspenseful, fast paced and action packed, and keeps you on the edge of your seat. And, once again, Ms. Keswick brings us an amazing cast of characters that will peak your interest. We also get to learn a little more about Aidan Conrad’s life.

I liked that she gave that little flaw of jealousy to Gareth in this story, but she also brings love and warmth with Roz, Nico and Daniel. No matter what Jack’s endeavors are, there is a family for him. I’m hoping Ms. Keswick is going to add another book to the Power of Zero series because there are two major questions that haven’t really been resolved. One does concern Nico and Daniel, and the other involves Jack, Garth and the boys. This is an intriguing series and I highly recommend all three books: Job Hunt, Ghosts and House Hunt.”

JulesFinley by Ella Frank: “I adored both characters so much. Finn is cocky, mischievous, fun, adorable and sexy as hell. And, while Brantley is nervous at first that the seven years his love spent becoming a big city lawyer in Chicago have taken some of those qualities—qualities he loved—away from Finn, he couldn’t be further from the truth. Daniel is still the same fun, cocky, sexy man he was back then, only a thousand times hotter. And, the two together? Sparks for days and days. They are all about intense heat, yet aren’t afraid to do tender and soft. There is never a question about what they mean to each other. So good!

Finley was fun. Sooo romantic and lovely, but without being overdone. A great love story that I highly recommend. Can’t wait for the next one! I’m crossing my fingers that it’s Derek and Jordan’s story!”

Under a Sky of Ash by Brandon Witt: “Brandon Witt is so good at mixing in humor with the drama in his heavier themed works. This book is definitely on the heavy side. Extremely heavy at times. But, one gift he has given us here is the unbelievably fabulous ManDonna to help brighten up some of the darkness. ManDonna, who Ben calls “momma,” is unforgettable and hilarious. For more levity, there is also a wonderful wedding in the book. And, Isaiah’s relationship with his co-teacher and roommate, Charity, is so lovely and lighthearted as well.

Ok—I feel like I’ve given you all enough reason to go out and grab this book. Under a Sky of Ash is a fantastic, suspenseful, soulful read. I wanted to hug both MCs, as well as Aaron and Hershel and Daniel/ManDonna, throughout. I got goosebumps on more than one occasion.”

SadonnaHat Trick 3: Penalty Shot by Jeff Adams: “The truth is that life is unpredictable and sometimes things are great, sometimes you get slapped upside the head with crappy circumstances that are beyond your control. The true strength of character and of a relationship is forged during those times. Alex and Simon have faced many trials and tribulations, and each time they come back stronger. Ideally, this is what building a partnership and a truly lasting relationship should do. Are some of the situations they face wrapped up a little more neatly than many times happens in real life? Maybe. But this series has really shown these guys growing together and facing whatever comes their way, with courage and love and with the support of their friends and families. Penalty Shot is a thoroughly enjoyable book and a fitting end to this series.”

CarrieJury of One by Charlie Cochrane: “So much subterfuge! So many lies! Jury of One is the second book in the Lindenshaw Mysteries series; it follows The Best Corpse for the Job. These books are about Inspector Robin Bright, of the Stanebridge Police Department. The cast of main characters is rounded out with Anderson, Robin’s partner on the force and Adam, Robin’s partner at home. Robin and Adam meet in the first book of the series, but their relationship really doesn’t get off the ground until the end of that book—this book is set a short year later. The two men are still very new with each other, and with what each expects from their relationship. Be warned, however, this is not a romance book. Adam and Robin’s relationship is touched on because it is part of the mystery and rounds out the characters, but it is not the focus of the book. The mystery is. We could not, however, have a clear picture of Robin if we did not have Adam. There is also a cast of secondary characters that totally hold their own in the story and are exceptionally well written.”


And that does it for this month. The full reviews for these and many more books can be found at The Novel Approach. Until next time, happy reading!



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  1. Another amazing selection. And some i've missed ('til now!).

  2. great way to learn about new authors!

  3. My best read so far is an MF Contemporary Romance by Lauren Layne, "Cuff Me". I loved the friends-to-lovers theme there. While for MM, some of the ones I enjoyed are "A Gentleman's Position" (KJ Charles), Tracefinder: Contact (Kaje Harper), The Mermaid Murders (Josh Lanyon), and Tournament of Losers (Megan Derr)

  4. I loved The High Kings Golden Tongue by Megan Derr, Rag & Bone by KJ Charles and Go Tell it on the Mountains by Nick Wildus.

  5. So difficult to choose just one, several favorites that I have read so far this year include The Music of the Spheres by Chase Potter, Something like a Love Song by Becca Burton, Cowboys can fly by Ken Smith

  6. Inversion Point. The whole Chaos Station series. How does anyone not have this on their TBR list?

  7. I'm a huge Patricia Briggs fan so my favorite book of 2016 is Fire Touched (MF urban fantasy).