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Our Book of the Month Picks - April Showered Us with More Great Reads

Cheers, everyone, and welcome to the April edition of Booyah! Books. We're glad to be back with another list of some of our favorite reads for the month, and are also thrilled to bits to offer one reader the chance to win free e-books.

As a special giveaway this month, because of my title pick and it being the last book of a series that absolutely can't be read as a standalone, I'm offering a sort of Grand Prize giveaway--if you haven't read the Wake Up Married serial and would like to give it a go, I'll gift you All 6 Books on Amazon, plus 2 additional e-books of your choice. Woot! :-D

So, without further ado, here's our list!


LindseyOllie Always by John Wiltshire – “This book is more than a romance. It is a complicated story about personal growth and the overcoming of one’s own insecurities, fears, choices, failures and harmful coping mechanisms. There isn’t any focus on sex-on-page. They are more or less suggested to, and the brief times there was physical intimacy, there was not much focus on the acts but rather the feelings associated with the moments, because sex was not the focus of the story, and I am glad for it. If the book had been mired with sex references and scenes, it would have taken away from the internal growth and a different kind of intimacy that was needed for both our MCs.”

SadonnaA Summer of Guiltless Sex by Dan Skinner – “Wow wow wow! I’m embarrassed to say that this is the first Dan Skinner book that I have read, despite owning a number of his other titles for some time now. I’ve decided that I really need to move those books up the TBR list, pronto. I cannot say enough how much I loved this book. I wanted to just reread it immediately after I finished it.
Highly recommended for an emotionally satisfying, if quite unconventional, love story.”

LisaWill & Patrick’s Happy Ending by Leta Blake and Alice Griffiths – “Leta Blake and Alice Griffiths didn’t slap together a simple happily-ever-after here. They pulled out all the romantic trope-y stops but didn’t turn them into annoying clich├ęs. The ending to this series was a happy and sexy heart-tugger that pulled everything together in a satisfying way. And yes, there were sniffles because I got something in my eyes, dammit (it’s called joy and feels). The authors gave Will a happy ending he could take charge of and embrace, even if it hurt both he and Patrick in the process, and it was joyous. They made Patrick a hero who swept in and saved Will from himself. And Patrick, well, he kind of needed rescuing in return (though he’d never admit it), so Will gets to hero up too, and then, true love won and all was well with the Whos down in Whoville.”

MaryannShatter by Jocelynn Drake and Rinda Elliott – “Drake and Elliott bring us the second thriller in the Unbreakable Bonds series. Shatter is fast paced, suspenseful, and takes us into the dark recesses of Ian’s past, and I liked Snow’s perspective on each of his friends. Shatter is also a story filled with a variety of emotions and heartbreak—it’s a tearjerker. There were moments with Snow and Rowe Ward that give us more depth into their connection. What I feel makes this a unique story, though, is that all the MCs from Shiver are back, and Drake and Elliott take us through different phases of each characters’ relationships and friendships—a new love, love growing, love lost, and a special bond. The characters become more solid and are not just skimmed over; they all have major roles to play.”

KathieSomething Like Stories: Volume One by Jay Bell – If you are a fan of the Something Like… series, you will enjoy reminiscing as Jay Bell takes you on a journey and gives some of the characters an ending, or, as I like to call it, the rest of the story. If I had a favorite it would have to be Something Like Eternity. Victor is my favorite character and Something Like Autumn is my favorite book of the series. To read about Victor and knowing that he found his destiny was just amazing to me. Yes, I know they are characters in a story that Jay Bell created, but Victor is special. I see him every day, standing in front of my local convenience store smoking a cigarette.

Thank you, Jay Bell, for another great book.

CarrieThe Heart As He Hears It by A.M. Arthur – “The books in the Perspectives series are sensual reads; they are plot driven and chock full of pure romance. These books unfold, and as Henry dies and Jon and Isaac become closer, we are treated to another emotional journey in this series. And the ending, on the beach… too many feels… too many feels! A.M. Arthur delivers another punch to the heart with this one, and I cannot wait for the next book in the series. If I had it I would read it today. Each book in the Perspectives series stands on its own, but I recommend all the books, as the characters do overlap and know each other and interact in each other’s lives.

I highly recommend this book!”

JenniferGuardian Angel by Hayden Thorne – “Despite the younger age of the protagonist, this book is not a young adult novel. There are some incredibly erotic scenes, proving to me that Thorne can write love scenes with the best of them. There were times when I was quite literally swooning and fanning myself. I completely fell in love with Edgar Swann.

Thorne also writes some of the creepiest characters I’ve ever encountered. I won’t say who it is, as that would give away a crucial plot point, but disturbed doesn’t even begin to cover this character’s actions. There were moments when I even second guessed myself, so well done was the characterization that I thought maybe I was reading the situations completely wrong.”

KimUntil September by Chris Scully – “There wasn’t a bunch of unnecessary drama in this novel, and the plot didn’t drag out or end with a bunch of unanswered questions. It’s the kind of book I want to read when I’m missing someone, or life is so chaotic that I need something to ground me and remind me of what’s important. I actually had a moment or two where I was crying with Archie!
I so would love to listen to this one on audio and, as it turned out, after I finished reading the ebook, I immediately bought the paperback since it’s what I do with favorites. Ereaders are ok but paperbacks ROCK when holding something you’ve come to love. Chris Scully has officially become an auto-buy and an insta-read author for me.

Until September just hit all my 5 star buttons!”

JulesInfected: Bloodlines by Andrea Speed – “Speed’s writing style is excellent. I love that the series is gritty and intense, but it’s also full of humor and snark. There is something here for everyone. If you think, “I’m a romance reader. This isn’t for me,” I challenge you to give it a go. There is absolutely something here for you. The storytelling is amazing and exciting, but residing in these two books is also, without a doubt, one of the most beautifully compelling and heart-rending romances I’ve ever had the pleasure of being gutted by. And on that note, I’ve got to say, “Go get this bundle!” If the first two books are an indication of the quality of the rest of the series, you’ll be so glad you went for it.”

SammyThe Ongoing Reformation of Micah Johnson by Sean Kennedy – “Micah is a work in progress and as his story unfolds, we are privy to the hurt he carries, his dreams and aspirations and his regrets. We watch as he painfully grapples with the fact that life on the football field may never be easy—that he will have to rise above the slurs, the homophobia, the hatred, and dig deep to remain true to his team, even if they don’t always like him just because he is gay. It is with raw emotion and unflinching honesty that Kennedy introduces us to a world that is not always fair, where being gay can make you the enemy and where biting your tongue in order to make it through another day is sometimes necessary. And he does it all through the eyes of a teenage boy who has one dream—to make it to the big leagues with his pride intact. It is sometimes so painful to watch and is always an education for those of us who are privileged not to have to endure it, but it is also tempered by humor, new-found love and loyal friends.”


And that does it for this month! For these and more reviews, visit The Novel Approach. Until next month, happy reading! 

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  1. Breakaway by Avon Gale. I know nothing about hockey, but still really enjoyed it.

  2. Claimings, Tails, and Other Alien Artifacts by Lyn Gala & a couple of MF books.

  3. I just began the "Baking Bears" series by Hollis Shiloh they are really good so far. I've read the "Infected" Series books they are so good.

  4. I read the Spencer Cohen series, which I enjoyed very much.

  5. The last of the Spencer Cohen books by NR Walker has to be my book of April. I loved it, even found my eyes leaking!

  6. Dirty heart by Rhys Ford, Tournament of Losers by Megan Derr, Lord Mouse by Thomas Mason, and several other SciFi...

  7. Santino Hassell's First and First and Avon Gale's Breakaway were two favorites from last month.


  8. So many great titles, guys, and so many I haven't had the chance to read yet!

    The contest ended yesterday--and I'm a little late at the drawing--but congratulations goes to Waxapplelover!

    I'll be sending you an email to get your picks! :)