Sunday, June 12, 2016


Happy Sunday all, hope you had a wonderful, productive week. I had an odd week and then in the middle of it, went to an amusement park which, when you're old like me, is never a good idea. I have to remember I'm not a perpetually young moviestar who can ride roller-coasters and not feel it the next day. :)

As far as updates go, Chevalier, the sequel to Romanus, was released on May 27th. I hope you all enjoy it. I turned in Chosen Pride, the last in the L'Ange trilogy and that will be out in December. Also, Glenn's novella, Perfect Place, Perfect Time, maybe... completes the Timing trilogy. And I've said for years that that would be the last one but now I'm thinking I'm not sure. We'll see. But Glenn's novella (out in November) is being combined with After the Sunset into a paperback. Both Timing and After the Sunset are getting new covers so they go together better, so I'll keep you updated on the progress. Also, the third marshals book will be out in September. Yeah! More Miro and Ian and of course, Chickie. Currently, I'm working on Conrad's book which, if I stay on schedule, will be out in January. 

That's the extent of the excitement at the moment. Hope everyone has a great upcoming week. :)


  1. Great news! Looking forward to all of these upcoming releases. Thx for the information.

  2. Thanks so much for the update. Looking forward too more Miro and Ian and most definitely Chickie. And of course hopefully a Sam and Jory cameo.
    And.....CONRAD!!! So looking forward to how that plays out- he's such an interesting character as he has is own set of morals, his own code.

    Thanks again hope you and your family are well.

  3. You are so awesome! Cannot wait for the books to come out. xx

  4. You are so awesome! Cannot wait for the books to come out. xx

  5. Fantastic news. Looking forward to reading all of them on their release days :)

  6. Can I ask a question? When Finn gets together with Raoul, why don't the pheromones kick in? The same ones that made Mace such a FM before Luc? Thank you so much!!!!!!!!