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Saying Goodbye to Summer with Some Great August Reads!

Cheers, everyone, and welcome to the August edition of The Novel Approach's Booyah Books! where we share some of our favorite titles and pass that love on to you. :)

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Good luck! And now, here are the books we loved this month:


SadonnaLord of a Thousand Steps by Tara Lain – “Oooooh, every time one of the books in this series comes out, I just want to devour it. This was no exception. I loved Ian and Braden, from their first flirtation, and while they have a lot of obstacles to overcome, it was so enjoyable seeing them work for their HEA. I loved the kids and Anderson, the cat. I hope that he makes an appearance in other books in this series because he is spectacular. It was great to see Ken and Jim together and completely happy, and to get a glimpse of Shaz and Billy too. I can’t wait to see if there will be more books in this series. I for one will be waiting anxiously.”

LindseyFight the Tide by Keira Andrews – “I was completely engrossed in this story and the author once again has done a wonderful job; the pacing was slow and steady rather than like the first book, which was constant action. The sex scenes were hot and the chemistry between Adam and Parker continued to be off the charts. I am going to put a disclaimer on the sex scenes; there is a fisting scene. It didn’t bother me in any way, and it was more about the couple’s emotional needs than a scene just thrown in for the heck of it. I felt that particular scene was overall done very well, with the focus not just on what was happening but the reasons and feelings involved… but, it may make some readers squeamish, so be aware.

If you love zombies, werewolves, pirates and romance, I highly recommend this series! I personally can’t wait to see what is in store for Adam and Parker next.”

CassieThe Green’s Hill Novellas by Amy Lane – “I will say, I found Guarding the Vampire’s Ghost to be the toughest of the three stories on the ol’ angst-o-meter. They all end happily, but the third one really only ends well for the two main characters. Without being too spoiler-tastic, Adrian (a character I LOVE from the main series) is, of course, right where he was when the story starts, and it is BRUTAL. I cried through this whole novella. I had a terrible headache…and then I restarted the Green’s Hill series again, and this time I’m determined to finish. I’m holding out hope that Ms. Lane is going to run us all through the wringer, but let us ALL (please, please, please) get that happy ending we so desperately want.  I just can’t quit this series. *shakes fist at sky* AMY LANE!”

JulesAdulting 101 by Lisa Henry – “Adulting 101 isn’t only a massively awesome comedy romp, however; it is also quite touching at times. Both Nick and Jai have stuff that they are dealing with and/or running away from. Nick thinks he’s a fuckup, is unable to have meaningful communication with his parents, particularly his father, and the thought of leaving for college at the end of the summer has brought back his anxiety attacks. Jai, at twenty-five, is continuing his cycle of traveling nine months of the year, and then coming home to Ohio to live with his mom for the summer months, solely to save enough money to leave again. His reasons for ditching his small home town to hang out in more exotic locales are not the same as when he began—he is no longer running away from the pain of losing his father, for example—but, he’s running all the same.”

MikeThe Queen & the Homo Jock King by TJ Klune – “Sandy avoids Darren. Sandy hates Darren. Sandy needs Darren to help protect and save the nightclub/bar they both love, and Sandy performs at as Helena. So, Sandy and Darren embark on a plan to save the bar. Everyone assumes the frenemies are now dating for real and all is well. During one of the numerous fights Sandy and Darren have, Paul’s lover, Vince, asks Paul to marry him. To say that this complicates Sandy’s plan with Darren is an understatement. Add into the mix Paul’s parents, who dearly love Sandy and took him in when he was teen; Paul’s Nana, who is perhaps the most loveable and dirty elderly lady in all of Tucson; an aging Leather Daddy; and Sandy’s gender fluid protégé, Kory, who is sometimes Koree; and a parrot named Johnny Depp, who is prone to vulgar outburst implicating Paul in numerous (hilarious) illegal and disgusting activities; and you have the stuff of high camp, high drama, and true emotion.”

SammyCome Back to Me by Edmond Manning – “If you have read Edmond Manning’s Lost And Founds series, then you will have no difficulty following this book and remembering some of the many side characters that move in and out of the various chapters. If you haven’t read any of the others, then I fear this book will not have the impact it could have, and that would be a shame. I am not going to give the store away in this review. Rather, I am going to highlight why this book, like the others in the series, manages to grab hold of the imagination to the point where you become personally involved in the lives of each person that comes across its pages.

Vin is not just some character; he is your long-suffering best friend who deserves so much more than life has dealt him thus far. To understand this man is to realize that he lives to help others discover who they were meant to be, who they have always been and the only way he can do that is to love them with a single minded devotion while systematically breaking them down.”

CarrieThe Baker by Mathew Ortiz – “Ah, the Myer triplets. The Baker is book two in the series, and we have made it to the unabashedly openly gay power bottom, Boone Myer. This book is pure Mathew Ortiz; if you have read any of his other books, you know you will laugh; you will cry; you will be instantly invested in the characters within the pages of this book. Also, as with most of his books, there are a lot of crossover characters. We are right back with the Gaither and the Myer families, and never have two families been so intertwined. I would love a family tree at this point to keep them all straight. However, you do not need to read any other book to enjoy this one—it is a standalone romance. What I will say is that is a trilogy about triplets—get the picture?—you need to read The Butcher, which is Avery Myers story and book one, just because it is a good book and a great read and if you read this one first, you will go back and read that one anyway; you just will.”

MaryannThe Mystery of Nevermore by C.S. Poe – “The Mystery of Nevermore is my first time reading C.S. Poe, and I have to say it was fun to revisit the writings of Edgar Allan. William Snow, Sebastian’s father, is a great addition to this story. He’s a retired literary professor and lives with the lovable Maggie. William has a warm and wonderful relationship with Sebastian and is always there with his wisdom. The clues in this mystery surround the classic Poe stories The Tell-Tale HeartThe Black Cat, and The Raven. I really loved Sebastian’s character and wonder what kind of trouble the author will have him getting into next.”

LisaBrothers by Ralph Josiah Bardsley – “There’s a reason Ralph Josiah Bardsley’s debut novel, Brothers, was a Lambda Literary Award finalist. There’s a reason his second novel, The Photographer’s Truth, would be an uncontested winner next year, if I had anything to say about it. It’s the same reason this author has just become an absolute must-read for me from this day forward—Bardsley’s gift for telling stories that draw me into every emotion and detail and the subtle nuances in the way his characters react to and interact with one another is all-consuming. There’s a complexity to the stories he tells that doesn’t rely on exaggerated drama or manufactured conflict for the sake of added drama. Rather, this author’s narrative encompasses the commonality of human existence, things that on one level or another we can all read and think, me too.”


And that does it for the month of August! For these reviews in full, and much more, visit us at The Novel Approach. And until next time, happy reading!


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