Saturday, March 31, 2018

The Books We Were Mad About in March, and a Giveaway!

Cheers, fellow book addicts, and welcome to another month of outstanding reads from your friends at The Novel Approach! We have another great selection of titles we loved in March, and there’s also a chance to win two eBooks from the list, so be sure to check out the Rafflecopter widget for details on how to enter to win.

And now, here they are, our choices for the Best Books of March!


MaryannDeceiving a Raider by Ana Night – “In this action packed, exciting and tension filled sequel [to A Detached Raider] we get up close and personal with this quirky Black Raider team—Dom, Tank, Davin, Franklin and Axel (aka Mad Dog)—as they come together for a rescue mission. The returning characters—Grace, Cade’s sister, who gets into the action, and Lara along with her daughter, Morgan—add a strong female representation element to the storyline. The camaraderie with Cole and the acceptance of others delivers a lot of heartfelt and humorous moments. Cole and Cade have a chemistry that leaps off the page, and there is no gray area when it comes to the matters of the heart, especially with Cole. He lays his heart on the line, and the emotions make it difficult for Cade to even think he could live without him.”

JenniferThe Law of Love by Fyn Alexander – “While the ending may be seen coming by astute readers, it does not leave the story any less exciting. My heart raced every time there was risk of Rafe and Ivo being caught, and my heart broke when Rafe insisted they could not be together. I felt for Ivo and wanted nothing more than for him to be happy. Fans of historical fiction will enjoy this book. If you like high stakes, it’s even better. All characters are fully realized and different from those seen in most historical romances. Rafe and Ivo can stand on their own and brook no comparisons to those in the genre who’ve come before them. I highly recommend this book!”

JennDead Reckoning by Pandora Pine – “The author balances the plot of the murder case and Ronan and Tennyson’s relationship seamlessly, never leaving us wondering what’s going on in the other plotline while she focuses on one of them. I loved watching Ronan and Ten get closer to each other and see the small group of friends develop and grow that bit bigger as Ronan’s captain reveals more about himself and becomes a friend. I also like the way that the romantic plot was tied down and secured before the serial killer, allowing both men to focus completely on the danger the killer represented. It felt like a bit of secure footing to balance on while throwing some great twists and turns at us.”

SammyLiving on Air by Susan Mac Nicol – “Well, this novel was an emotional roller coaster from beginning to end. It was also excruciating to read, at times, due to the absolute mental and physical turmoil Cary endured. I will echo the author’s own warnings and say to you that Living On Air is a minefield for those who suffer from any emotional flashbacks when it comes to sexual abuse, self-harm and childhood trauma. Cary’s life has been a nightmare but in the midst of his pain and despair there is hope, and that is what makes this story sing—the love and assurance that the darkness will not win.”

JulesInvitation to the Blues by Roan Parrish – “As with Parrish’s other books, Invitation to the Blues is very character driven. Character development is definitely one of the author’s biggest strengths, and the amount of thought and research that must have gone into her depiction of Jude’s character in particular is incredible. Depression is a horrible thing to have to live with and can be crippling and even baffling at times. Reading about what that was like on a day-to-day basis for Jude was both eye-opening and heart-wrenching. I can’t personally imagine that struggle, but I have several loved ones living with depression and anxiety, and I know how vulnerable it can make a person feel. I saw red several times in the book when Jude revealed how his ex, Kaspar, treated him when they were together. And, by contrast, I loved the way Faron really saw Jude, and the straightforward way he dealt with the depression.”

KyPoint of Contact by Melanie Hansen – “At the end, in the Acknowledgments page, the author says that “there were a million tears shed in the writing of this story.” Well, Ms Hansen, I can assure you that a lot of tears were shed while reading it too. I don’t think I can do this story justice, no matter what I write here. The emotional impact of Point of Contact is unbelievable. It will hit you from all sides and once you’re done reading, you’ll be left crying for a life that ended way too soon and left behind so much pain and anguish. 5 stars for a story that wrecked me…”

LindseyHeat Trap by JL Merrow – “I have had the great joy or reviewing the first two books in the Plumber’s Mate series, Pressure Head and Relief Valve, and was so excited to continue on my journey with Tom and Phil as well as their extended family and friends. I have made it pretty clear in prior reviews that I adore Tom, and that didn’t change one little bit in this next installment. His dry wit, the banter, the places his mind goes even when faced with adversity—I want a Tom in my life. I love this series and this is a great addition. If you haven’t read the prior books and enjoy a good mystery/romance with quirky characters and packed with humor, I recommend getting Pressure Head and starting it right away. If you have already fallen in love with the wonderful world and eccentric characters, like me, my guess is you are going to love this one, too.”

LisaOne Giant Leap by Kay Simone – “The balance between the components of the mission, the brilliant narrative elements that allow readers to feel and form a necessary mental-visual, the entire cast of characters involved (including some thinly veiled, and not-at-all veiled, references to real people), and the budding relationship between Curt and Patrick, is seamless. The relationship between astronaut and the love of the job is even so clearly absorbed within the whole of the story that its presence adds a secondary romantic element. Simone’s narrative choices are a stand-out element that make this storyline feel topical and relevant. There is so much showing that the telling added a nice change to the pace of the story, and the flashbacks in particular worked to enhance the present tense narration. It gives the book a sort of documentary feel with a shot of romance that, in case it isn’t obvious, I loved. In the end, it all coalesces into a lovely work of fiction.”

And that does it for this month! Until next time, happy reading!



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  1. Thanks for the listing. A very good book I read this month, for my gay book group, was a PEN/Faulkner winner and one of the best collections of short stories I've read, set in El Paso-Juarez and features POC: EVERYTHING BEGINS & ENDS AT THE KENTUCKY CLUB, by Benjamin Alire Sáenz.

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  3. Rebel by Rhys Ford, Robbie by Ella Frank are just a few great books I read this month!

  4. Thanks for this list, I’ll have to check these out!

  5. The books I've enjoyed in March were "Joshua's Rainbow" by Victoria Sue "Heart and Health" series by D J Jamison and "The Road Trip" by B A Tortuga.

  6. My March books were Kris Jacen's "Wait for Me" and "Explore with Me."

  7. So far there are lots of great books. I am looking forward to reading Where Death Meet the Devil

  8. I don't have a a book that stood out for me in March. It's been a busy month for me so I haven't gotten much reading in.

  9. I loved Twisted and Tied! I also liked My Mate Jack by Garrett Leigh.