Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Guest Blogger: Jaime Samms
When Mary invited me to blog, her main question was why did I write this book. I think writers get asked that a lot, and it’s often pretty hard to explain why this book, or why this character. At least, it usually is for me, because I don’t normally set out to write a specific type of story or character. I just write, and what happens, happens. It’s a very organic thing.
In this case, though, I actually did put some forethought into what I was going to work on, and what it might be about before I started. That was mostly because what I had been writing wasn’t sparking for me. I was just puttering and nothing seemed very exciting. I was in a rut.
It’s not that I was getting bored with writing contemporary books. Exactly. But an infusion of new ideas and challenges always makes writing more fun, I think. So I thought, what kind of paranormal or maybe more accurate at the time, not­-contemporary book would I want to write?
I knew right away I didn’t want to do werewolves or vampires. I wasn’t going to compete with others who have done it before and probably better than I could. Plus, too many encounters with lake leeches between my toes as a kid have pretty much put me off bloodsuckers for life. And I’m basically a cat person at heart (current furbaby notwithstanding, of course!), so that lets out the wolfy types.

But since I like the idea of magic and of shifters, why not a magical creature that can take a human form? The best of both worlds. And a lizard is perfect, since it totally avoids that whole conflict between my inner cat lady and my very real attachment to the guy on the right here, that delving into the world of wolves would lead to.
So, having decided to imagine a world with dragons who can look like humans if they want, I was left with where to set the story. And let’s face it. I have some experience writing about the contemporary world so it only makes sense that I sort of stick with what I know, at least a bit.
And this is what I know. Despite the fact that the landscape I grew up in carries some pretty hefty scars from the workings of us mundane people, who seem to have so little foresight, it still holds surprising beauty and magic. So I wanted to show that, too. I wanted to show that however small and scarce, there are still pockets of magic in the everyday world around us, and with a little effort, even people who don’t think they have magic can still see it if they try, and even create their own, new and wonderful magic as well.
And so, there. Sunny and Emile. And here, a teensy wee excerpt of their magic for you Mary readers, because I know we all like us a bit of what you just don’t quite catch at the corner of your eye.
“I love days like this,” Sunny murmured. He had an arm up, fingers weaving gracefully through the invisible strands of energy like he was playing the sounds of nature just for Emile.
“Like what?”
“Alive like this. Like if you reached out you could touch the sunshine. Cup it and hold it and form it into dreams that you can make come true. You know?” He moved his head a bit, and Emile just felt Sunny will him to look up.
He did.
Green and gold light, coloured by the willow’s leaves, hit the side of Sunny’s face. As he’d noticed before, Sunny’s eyes turned a molten amber when the light slanted sideways through them. If Emile weren’t sure he was human through and through, he might believe Sunny actually did know about the magic, maybe even knew how to manipulate it.
If you’re interested in reading more, here’s the blurb:
 When Sunny retires to the northern Ontario wilderness to mourn his parents’ deaths, he’s hoping the change of scenery will afford him some peace and quiet.

His hopes are soon spectacularly dashed.

In self-imposed exile, dragon Emile runs across the Fold between his dimension and Sunny’s—and right into Sunny’s arms. Centuries out of touch with human culture, bright, beautiful Emile incinerates any hope Sunny had for an ordinary existence. With dryads and water sprites coming to life all around them, Sunny can’t deny the magic Emile brings to his life—or his heart. But that same magic leads the unrelenting dragon who would keep Emile captive right to them. To save his love, Sunny will have to reach deep and find some magic of his own.


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