Tuesday, November 20, 2018

What I was thinking: ruminating on His Consort

Spark & Ember storefront

I waited in the dark for something not quite human—and all too human—to begin.
—Zadie Smith, from “Windows on the Will,” published c. March 2016 (via paris-inthespringtime)

I love the French Quarter in New Orleans. I love it without question, there are no caveats I need to put in there, nothing. I love walking through the streets during the day, stopping in the antique stores on Royal Street, going to the Farmer's Market, and eating. So many amazing places to eat there and new ones pop up every day.  
There are also amazing art galleries there and I have actually never come home from a trip to New Orleans without a new piece of artwork either from a store or from one of the amazing artists selling their wares along the wrought iron fence of  Jackson Square. 
I love the Hotel Monteleone, (may favorite place to stay), of course the beignets and cafe au lait at Cafe du Monde, and the ghost tours and the cemetery tours and most of all just the thought that lurking in the shadows, or standing just around the corner from me at any given time, could be a vampire.
 I blame it on Anne Rice. 
Before her there were, of course, vampire stories about New Orleans, but let's face it, you think of Lestat first even though The Originals had a nice run on the CW. I actually love shifters more than vampires, but when you're in the Quarter, vampires are truly what is on your mind.
I came home from my last trip to New Orleans with vampires being the only thing I could think of. Jason, my main character, discovers the magical, brutal, and pulse-pounding world and falls deeper and faster than he could have ever thought possible. It's all because of the prince. Because even though Jason is extremely rational, he still becomes quickly enthralled with Varic. I wanted my vampyr prince to be innately dangerous but not threatening. Because even though he has human characteristics, he is still other and so cannot always exist inside acceptable human behaviors and to write him that way wold have diminished his otherness. The lethal and the sexy have to go hand in hand. Hopefully that all comes across. 
I hope you all enjoy taking the trip to the Vieux Carré with me and my vampyrs. 


  1. I am loving it Mary. Very atmospheric and the characters are so richly drawn and as always the dialogue is witty and wonderful. The only thing better than an old Mary Calmes book is a new Mary Calmes book.

  2. Finished it yesterday, reading it again. My question is, when can we expect the sequel? After all, Jason has to meet the parents in Malta, right?

  3. I second that... sure am looking forward to the next book after The Conquest..

  4. Me too! We all need the sequel!
    I just finished it and, like with Jim & Logan, just can't wait to read more..

  5. I hope the book continues as a series in the fashion of Algernon Blackwood, which it quite reminded me off.

  6. "The Strange Adventures of a Private Secretary in New York" by Algernon Blackwood.